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For decades now I have been suffering through sizzling summers & freezing winters in the Las Vegas desert, dreaming of a life on the beach.  So last spring I made it happen.  Sold my house, had an estate sale, donated a dozen truckloads of stuff I didn’t need,  packed up my dogs in my Range Rover and headed for the coast.



Our life has changed amazingly so.  The doors & windows of my beach cottage are open every day.  My new music is the sound of the surf pounding on the beach with a chorus of seagulls in the background.  I’ve tossed my Jimmy Choo’s for faded sloppy Converse sneakers, and happily live in my loose “boyfriend” jeans.  Although my values are now somewhat organic, I still harbor some of my deep-seated glitz.  Found a celebrity hairdresser who has given me the new ombre coloring, and my pedicurist has splashed my toes with seaglass blue polish.  I still buy bras at Victoria’s Secret and have found all the local “happy hour” dives.  Vegas would be proud of me.



On a daily basis, there are no drive-thru anythings here.  Nor are there 7-elevens on every corner.  The streets are dark at night, without a trace of neon, as the sound of silence rejuvenates the mind and spirit.  But I am never afraid of the dark, as there is virtually no crime in my little beach town.

As I am now a local, I watch the tourists as they scramble to take in all things Coastal, hoping that their five days here will erase 360 days a year of stress & compression.  I was one of those tourists who came each year in August and left, wanting to be a part of this life, only to return to the reality of my dry desert town.  I sometimes still feel as though I am just visiting, not believing that I am actually living my dream.

I want to share this life, this moment in time, with all my friends & followers, until you too can find that special place where you feel your destiny.  There’s so much cool stuff to share with you, so I am bringing to you the romance of the sea and everything we savor, through my words of discovery in Coastal Lifestyles.

“Living” is where you will discover great coastal cottages, botanicals, seaside nurseries, a source for orchids, wonderful gardening containers, and the local farmer’s markets.

“Junking” is about finding great stuff at flea markets, antique faires, estate & yard sales.   Where they are, what I found there, and photos of my piles of treasures, sharing with you, (some of) the secrets of my sources.

“Eat” will cover great seafood dives, best happy hour spots, where locals dine, local beer & spirits, plus a drink recipe or two.

“What We’re Reading” shares with you great beach reads.  The perfect book to tuck into your beach bag while taking in some sun.

“Discover” helps bring attention to our special exhibits at Monterey Bay Aquarium, wine tasting rooms, gallery showings, and what’s happening on the Coast.

Concierge can help make your stay with us luxurious, convenient and memorable.  It will include a calendar of upcoming coastal events, contacts for vacation beach house rentals, charming Inns and resorts.  If you email us, we can refer pet nannies, car detailers, florists, valet services to pick up your shopping packages and deliver to your hotel or beach house, and even a service that will pack up a delicious beach lunch.

Shutterbug is a gallery of images for you to enjoy while navigating through my blog.

Media opens the pages of one of the Central Coast’s finest glossy publications, Carmel Magazine.  Here you may enjoy my “Collecting” column bringing to readers the coolest trends in vintage collections.  A bit of their history, where they may be found, some current values and how they are being repurposed into modern decor.  It’s fun and informative and will whet your appetite to go junking around yourself.

Shop Coastal will take you on a whirlwind shopping spree to discover some of the coolest beachy finds mixed with organic linens, things for the garden, beach jewels, our signature candle, beachy baby, fabulous pillows and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

So here’s to having it all. “Coastal Lifestyles” offers a kind of fulfillment showered with personal passions. Living wherever you may be, while escaping to the Coast to let the sea wash away all your cares and stress.

Welcome to my world.