To all of us junkers at heart, you know that pitter-patter inside your chest when you pull up to a flea market or tag sale wondering if a treasure awaits you somewhere among all that junk. Some days it’s a stack of old rusty metal, another day it’s a hobnail perfume bottle like the one your mother had on her dresser, while other days it could be a lace skirt to wear with old biker boots. We never know what will move us on any particular day, but we do know that we just can’t live without it.Coastal/junking

Junking is about sharing with friends and followers, my adventures on a journey set against the backdrop of flea markets, antique faires, yard sales and little hideaway shops.

It’s about standing up over a trashcan eating faire food, haggling with vendors and struggling through crowds pushing a cart filled with stuff you love.  It’s about discovery and history and beating out the guy in back of you before he reaches for what you have your eye on.

So, join me as I put you in my backpack and carry you along with me, as we discover together, great places to go junking up and down the Coast.