I almost hate to share the secret of Pickings with you. It’s where dealers go to shop on the fourth weekend of each month. Set outdoors in a gated garden connected to the beautiful Pacific Grove Antiques, Pickings, hosted by its creator, Sherrie Welchner, offers great antique finds at wholesale prices. Each month a guest dealer sets their wares beneath a huge white tent, and it’s this rotation of merchandise offered through a different eye, that creates an exciting mix with Welchner’s amazing pieces.

At 10am on Friday, shoppers line up down the street waiting for the gate to open. Here’s where you can find a teak garden bench for $45, nautical industrial racks for $8, vintage silk dresses for $3 and always a big selection of garden antiques and vintage furniture. You have to be fast, pull the tags from things you want, or else some eager shopper will move in right behind you and scoop up the sleepers. It’s great fun and the best kept secret in town.

The 4th Fri-Sat-Sun of each month           .         472 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove