Sandcastle Competition – “Postcards from the Sea. . .”

On one glorious October Sunday, Carmel Beach transforms into a myriad of sand sculptures created by locals vying for the coveted “Golden Shovel” award. This year’s theme was “Postcards from the Sea.”Retriever


The winning sand sculpture in progress.

Contestants started as early as 7am excavating their area, gathering buckets of sea water and seaweed, while ambitious designers used wooden forms to create their masterpieces. Some designed solo while others had an entire crew.

Judging was at noon. It is tradition for sand sculptors to entice the judges with delectable food offerings to sway their votes. Some grilled savory tastes, while others offered sweet cookies shaped like oysters holding a pearl.


2015 Winner of the “Golden Shovel Award”

The Golden Shovel Award went to “Sea-Pony Express” for a mermaid riding a seahorse.

I wouldn’t miss this day for anything.