What’s Trending in the Antiques World . . . Chelsea in Petaluma


Elaborately Carved Asian Temple.

Chelsea Antiques, in the quaint town of Petaluma, poised between San Francisco and the Wine Country, owes its allure in part to its historical landscape. Framed by rolling green hills dotted with cattle and farmhouses, the town itself boasts pre-quake Victorian architecture.


Owner Pat Easley was inspired by the Chelsea District in London after numerous visits, hence the name Chelsea Antiques. Easley has 25 hand-picked antique dealers on two floors, set in a historic 10,000 square foot building. For 28 years, Chelsea Antiques has been offering rare and unusual finds, all in compelling displays.


Their clientele ranges from designers to set decorators to sophisticated mainstream shoppers, and, it’s not unusual to bump elbows with celebrity such as Diane Keaton while there.asian



Chandeliers inset with mosaic glass.

With that degree of power shoppers, you just know the merchandise will be intriguing. When asked to name five of the most unusual items ever offered for sale at Chelsea, owner Easley replied, “A ten foot tall Metal Chicken, a life-size Folk Art Horse, a French Pewter-top Bar, a dining table that extended to twenty five feet, a Zinc Marquee from an off-broadway theater in New York, which is now on display at Mudpie in the city.”


The single most expensive item ever sold at Chelsea was the French Pewter-top Bar, with a staggering price tag of $35k.


I am one of the fortunate 25 hand-picked dealers at Chelsea. And while I am always on the lookout for a 12′ chicken, I am happy just to be there.

Chelsea Antiques . 148 Petaluma Blvd N. Petaluma, Ca.  www.chelseaantiquesca.com