53rd Annual Sandcastle Competition

“Once Upon a Castle,” the historic sandcastle competition, drew crowds to Carmel Beach, as competitors carved, sprayed, raked and formed their masterpieces vying for the coveted “Golden Shovel” award.

Sand artists started as early as 6am, trenching out the sand, carrying buckets of sea water to their sites, forming their bases with massive wooden forms while following the details of their artist’s sketches, complete with rakes, screens, wood carving tools, black tar paper and tape.

Judges tents offered pastries and coffee as spectators brought their dogs, watched their children play in the surf, while kites flew overhead, and camera phones clicked everywhere.

The anticipation accelerated as mounds of sand gradually took form, producing fabulous masterpieces hurrying to be ready for judging at noon.

The “Golden Shovel” award went to the Mehringer Family of Monterey with the five foot high sandcastle, while the “Judges Favorite” award went to David Bindel who sculpted out two horses pulling a pumpkin coach.

Sponsored by the Monterey Bay Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea.  831.620.2000

Winner of the

Winner of the “Golden Shovel” award for an elaborate sandcastle, built by the Mehringer Family of Monterey

Building the Winning Sandcastle

Building the Winning Sandcastle

Winner of

Winner of “Judges Favorite” Award

Sculpting the

Sculpting the “Judges Favorite” Horses & Pumpkin Carriage

David Bindel, winner of

David Bindel, winner of “Judge’s Favorite” award for horses & pumpkin coach

tools for building sandcastles

tools for building sandcastles

Rapunzel's Tower Sketch

Rapunzel’s Tower Sketch

wooden form for

wooden form for “Golden Shovel” castle

And all the kids who came out to build sandcastles of their own . . .

girl w:frizz**  girl in raspberry**                 2 girls:2girl w:glasses**boy w:orange top2 girls:3**girl w:mustache

And our furry friends with sand on their noses . . .

white doggal w:boston**mom:girl backs**lady w:dog**